Now that our last troops are leaving, our politicians and the media calling it the end off our longest war, sadly that is a total missnomer. Our troops were never in Afgahnistan to fight a war and help the local government, our troop were there as a forward defense for our Homeland nothing more and nothing less. Seventy six years after the end of WWII we still have troops in Germany and Japan, not as occupation but as a forward defense for the Homeland, the obvious reason being that fighting in Europe is better than fighting on US soil. Somehow this concept of forward defense got lost in Afghanistan, because for 21 years our government did not understand why we were in Afghanistan. Someone recently stated that we fought 21 different wars over there, which is another way of saying that our government was incompetent and had no real understanding why we were there. Now we have Iran, Afgahnistan and Pakistan, places were most of the terrorists come from and we have no intelligence coming from these places, making us blind to any danger towars the Homeland that may come from there.

Why am I here.

I have followed politics for a long time and have been actively involved, running twice for congress. In the last 10-20 years I have become more and more aware of the great divides that have been present in this country since its inception. The fact that the narative of the country had been written by predominately white men, presents a distorted picture of the country and its history, totally ignoring the part of the population that is not white, or delegating it to the margin of the country’s history. Also, a form of government that was adequat for the original 13 colonies and their 2.5 million inhabitants may be wildely inadequate for 340 million people and their needs. Under the form of government we have now, in twenty years the minority will permanently rule the country by controlling the senate into perpetuity. It is my intention to address some of these issues over the coming years.